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Lawn/Leaf Drop Off

Attention gardeners and DIY landscapers: we are your One Stop Drop Depot for your leaves, lawn, garden, shrub, and hedge waste!

We accept all organic materials that can be composted, for a nominal fee (assessed on-site) at our one-stop drop facilities in Winkler and Winnipeg. As the only fully-licensed compost yard in Manitoba, we can assist if you wish to be part of this growing and important new concept.

What is acceptable?

  • Lawn clippings, leaves, garden, shrub, hedge waste
  • Any branches smaller than finger width (see Wood /Tree Drop Off for branches larger than finger width)
  • Yard waste that is contamination free (no plastic bags or inorganic materials - rocks, stucco, concrete, bricks)
  • Kitchen scraps are not acceptable at this time

Composting Counts!

At PWI we know that composting is an important and vital sustainable solution for reducing our waste and replenishing our gardens, trees and fields naturally. Any organic item that contains all natural components will decay, decompose and break down, returning its nutrients to the soil. Most of the organics commonly accepted are grass clippings and leaves, but slowly household and commercial food waste is also being diverted from landfills so it can be recycled.

All lawn and leaf debris goes through our six-month cooking (process) cycle. The end result is tested and topsoil is added to ensure a quality growth medium for your garden. Finally, our compost is sold as a fully-licensed retail product.

See Locations & Hours for drop off locations and hours of operation.