Custom grinding services are available at your location for a variety of materials. Penner Waste prides itself on bringing our specialized equipment to your project site and processing the material to your specified size.


Every project is 100% unique. The variables are immense when it comes to what materials are being processed, to what finished spec size, the space available to work and the preferences on who is providing the feeding equipment and labor. Please contact a Penner Waste sales representative and they will work together with you on the best solution for your grinding needs and provide you with an accurate quote.

Hire Us

The grinding equipment is available for hire. Many have requested to rent the grinder, but as it’s such a unique piece of equipment we do “rent” the machine out but it always comes with an operator which is why we prefer say that we can be hired to grind instead of renting our equipment.

Who uses our services

Municipalities, towns/cities, businesses and landfills are our main customers. Every one of our clients have their own need for our equipment. From creating a product from material like mulch from trees to making their site more efficient like processing garbage at a landfill to save space in the pit, our grinding services benefit many different businesses and industries.

Onsite Processing

Penner Waste’s grinder is available to work at your location. The unit is built to be easily transported to where the work is. No hauling of the material to the processing plant. We can grind your materials where they are for your convenience and efficiency.