No Appointment Needed to purchase bags or bulk mulch. Bulk mulch is loaded in your truck and/or trailer free of charge.

PWI - Mulch

Landscaping mulch can come in a variety of colors or in its natural color. It can be used around gardens, flower beds, trees, shrubs and walking paths.

Some typical uses for recycled wood:

  • Landscaping mulch in regular or colored
  • Bio-Mass (used as an alternative to coal or oil. The chips can be fed directly into boilers and has a great BTU value of 8-9000 Btu’s/lb.)
  • Composting
  • Playgrounds
  • Walk ways

The mulch is used to:

  • Reduces weeds
  • Beautify the garden
  • Help keep soil moist and conserves water usage
  • Help keep the soil in the garden enriched by preventing rain from washing the nutrients away
  • Keep the soil cooler on hot days and warm on cold nights

How much mulch do I need?

mulch-1We recommend a 5-6 inch application. To determine yards required, you need to measure your area (L x W divided by 100). This will give you the volume in yards that you need to apply. Need help? Use our MULCH CALCULATOR.