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Wood/Tree Drop Off

PWI is the only provider for miscellaneous wood drop-off for Winnipeg, and the only non-landfill untreated wood drop-off for the Winkler / Morden area. Landscapers, tree service contractors, lumber yards, factories and municipalities can drop off their miscellaneous and untreated material and receive an estimate of cost based on volume. Our facility will handle large volumes of wood, quickly and easily. We also have the capability to divert material and re-purpose it for green products such as green mulch, biofuel or compost.

What will we accept?

Wood and Lumber:

  • Pallets, 2×4s, wood crates. All material must be untreated and generally unpainted

Branches & Trees:

  • Branches and Trees are accepted at a nominal charge

Not Acceptable:

  • Stumps
  • Treated or painted wood
  • Debris attached to wood