Waste & Recycling Bins

Fast and reliable bin service for all of southern Manitoba!


Whether you’re doing spring cleaning, working on a home renovation, or can’t transport your materials to be disposed of yourself, we can help.
When you call us, our team will listen to you and ensure you get the right type and size of bin to fit your project plan. If you require a different sized bin, there’s always the option to size up or size down at any time, and you keep the bin for as long as needed.
We will also help you determine what materials can be recycled and what materials can’t. If certain materials are separated into a recycling bin we can take that and repurpose it into products that everyone can use, such as our mulch or recycled asphalt shingles. Diverting your materials away from the landfill by using a recycling bin can help reduce greenhouse gasses and your carbon footprint.
Stop by or give us a call to find out your options for waste and recycling bins.


Whether you have materials you don’t know what to do with, or need multiple bins at your site, we will take care of it.

Since every business and project is different, it’s important you get the right type of bin that meets your needs. Using our waste and recycling bin services means you no longer have to worry about what to do with your waste or other materials. We will pick up your waste and recycling in a timely manner with a flexible schedule that works for you. Let us focus on what to do with your waste so you can focus on managing your business.

When you call us, we will listen to your concerns and work together to find a solution for your waste problem. No need to worry about calling in for last minute pickups, we offer daily, weekly, and monthly scheduled pickups. Our bins can be used permanently or temporarily and are available in different sizes for large and small businesses all over southern Manitoba. 

Partnering up with industrial and commercial businesses is something we are familiar with. We offer a wide range of waste management options that are adaptable and accommodating to your requirements. While also providing you with greener waste and recycling bin choices that will divert your materials away from the landfill. We will take your materials to our facilities and recycle what we can into products like mulch or bio-fuel.

Let us recycle your materials to help reduce yours and your company’s carbon footprint. Stop by or call us to find out your green options for waste and recycling bins. Remember; a clean site is a safe site, and we will help you maintain one.
Here are a few recycling bin options we have for you!

Check the bin size chart for the various sizes available.