Wood Biofuel

Warm up to our recycled wood biofuel!

If you’re looking for a new and efficient way to keep your place warm or have muddy areas you can’t walk in, we can assist you with that.
Using biofuel is a great alternative heating source, it burns cleaner and is more efficient compared to natural gas. Wood biofuel is a loose material that is easy to work with, designed for boilers, wood stoves and other processors. It can also be used to absorb moisture and create walking paths for areas surrounded by mud and water. Biofuel is a sustainable and renewable energy source that produces less greenhouse gases than fossil fuels.
Our biofuel is made from 100% recycled wood that we receive from all over Manitoba. At our licensed construction and demolition yard we recycle this wood by turning it into a reusable biofuel product. Once the wood is collected at our site, from being dropped off in person or using our bin rental services, we then process it through our grinder twice to create the final product. Our specialized grinding unit is equipped with a large magnet that can remove nails and other metal debris. While giving wooden materials a second life cycle we are also reducing the amount of wood going to the landfill.
Our biofuel is used by everyone from homeowners to communities, and even construction companies. Stop by or give us a call for a consultation, a quote and to learn more about the benefits of biofuel.
Our Biofuel is available in bulk and can be purchased at our Winkler location.

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