Recycled Wood Mulch

Your path to a more beautiful, enriched yard!

If you’re planning a yard project and looking for vibrant colours of mulch, but aren’t sure where to start, we can assist you with that.
Using mulch will give your plants the colour contrast you’re looking for, it’s a great way to brighten your yard and day. Mulch retains water, helping your plants stay moist and cool during the summer time. It can also suppress weeds, so you will spend less time weeding, and more time enjoying the beautiful yard you created.
Our mulch is made from 100% recycled wood that has not been previously stained or painted. From start to finish this recycled wood mulch is created entirely in house at our Winkler location. We receive wooden sticks from our local manufactures that they can no longer use. This wood is ground up into fine pieces and dyed with an Iron Oxide, creating a variety of colours to choose from.
Our mulch is used by landscapers, homeowners, and cities to beautify yards, walking paths and more. Stop by or give us a call to see your options and to learn more about the benefits of mulch.

Our mulch is available in bulk or pre packaged 85L bags

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