Recycled Asphalt Shingles (RAS)

A unique way for you to use shingles!

If you’re planning a project to improve a road or driveway and looking for a more affordable solution, we can assist you with that.
Using recycled asphalt shingles has an appealing look to it that is also cost efficient. RAS can be added into hot asphalt mix or used on its own for paving roads, walking paths or even filling in potholes. This product is also a great solution for managing dust control on gravel or dirt roads. Over time or using heat and compaction RAS will become a strong and durable, solid form. This is a great alternative to use than other materials harvested from the earth such as gravel or rock.
Our RAS is made from 100% recycled asphalt shingles we get from roofers and homeowners. At our licensed construction and demolition yard we take shingles and recycle them into a reusable shingle product. Once the shingles have been collected at our site, from being dropped off in person or using our bin rental services, we grind them up into fine pieces either as single grind or a double grind product. Our specialized grinding unit is equipped with a very large magnet that can remove nails and other metal debris. While creating a new use for shingles and giving them a second life cycle, we are also reducing the amount of shingles going to the landfill.
Our recycled asphalt shingles have been used by everyone, from homeowners to construction companies. Stop by or give us a call to see samples, make an order and to learn more about what RAS can do.
Our recycled asphalt shingles are available in bulk and can be purchased at our Winkler location.

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