Certified Compost

Our high quality compost will get you growing!

If you’re looking for pure compost full of rich nutrients for your plants with no chemicals added, we can assist you with that.
Applying compost to your soil in spring or fall will bring life to your plants by naturally improving their growth. Compost slowly releases nutrients into the ground, making it last over time. Unlike chemical fertilizers, compost contains a natural organic matter that provides a healthy habitat for your plants to flourish in.
Our compost is made from 100% organics such as fruits, vegetables, yard waste, wood chips and other natural materials. At our licensed composting facility we take organic waste and break it down naturally into a fine supplement for plants. After this process is complete, it is then screened to remove unwanted materials. This compost is regulated, lab tested, and certified by Compost Quality Alliance (CQA), to assure we meet the highest standards.
Our compost is used by everyone, from home gardeners to agriculture farmers, and greenhouses. Stop by or give us a call to make your order and to learn more about how compost can improve your soil.
Our compost is available in bulk or pre packaged 30L bags.

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