What is accepted?

Wood and Lumber: Pallets, 2×4’s, wood crates. All material must be untreated and generally unpainted. Some painted material is accepted for recycling, material will be inspected when brought to the recycling depot and determined if it is waste or can be recycled.

Trees: Trees and branches that are 4″ in diameter and larger are accepted at no charge if they are brought to the recycling depot pre-cut to 16″ pieces. If uncut there will be a nominal charge that is determined by volume when brought to the recycling depot at Penner Waste. No stumps are accepted that are over 8″ in diameter.

Branches: Branches that are 4″ in diameter or less are accepted at a nominal charge based on volume when brought to Penner Waste recycling depot.

Branch Drop Off Drop off branches and shrubs when cleaning up your yard.

Who drops off their wood, lumber, trees and branches?

Wood and Lumber: Lumber yards, various types of manufacturers, factories, home builders, contractors and home owners.

Trees and Branches: Landscapers, tree service contractors, municipalities and home owners.