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Wood/Tree Drop Off

Doing a DIY landscaping project or a yard clean up? How about a home reno or building project? You can drop off your wood / tree waste quickly and easily!

Our one-stop drop facilities will handle your loads of wood, trees and branches – efficiently, safely and for a nominal cost. We have the capability to divert such materials and repurpose it for products such as green mulch, biofuel or compost.

What will we accept?

  • Wood and Lumber:
    Pallets, 2×4s, wood crates. All material must be untreated and generally unpainted*. (*Some painted material may be accepted for recycling upon inspection at our depot.)
  • Miscellaneous Wood:
    PWI is the only provider for miscellaneous wood for Winnipeg — this includes products such as plywood, chipboard and melamine. Clean wood that is painted or lacquered is also generally accepted as miscellaneous wood.
  • Trees:
    Trees and branches that are 4″ in diameter and larger are accepted at no charge if they are brought to the recycling depot pre-cut to 16″ pieces*. (*If uncut there will be a nominal charge determined by volume upon inspection at our depot. No stumps over 8″ in diameter will be accepted.)
  • Branches:
    Branches that are 4″ in diameter or less are accepted at a nominal charge determined by volume upon inspection at our depot.
  • Treated wood:
    Pressure treated or chemical treated wood will be allocated to waste (see Waste Drop-off [LINK TO PAGE])