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Shingle Drop Off

Are you re-shingling the roof on your house, garage or shed yourself?

PWI offers a Shingle Drop-off Service that allows you to quickly dispose of shingles and debris at a clean, safe, nail-free site.

Residential customers may drop off their shingles at our One Stop Drop Depot in Winnipeg and Winkler, MB. All asphalt shingles are accepted with their nails and tarpaper. We have the capability to expertly recycle asphalt shingles with a specialized grinding unit equipped with a very large magnet which removes any nails. The nails are then recycled separately.

If you separate your roofing materials (shingles, wood, garbage) during the process as recommended, bring them to us! We are less expensive than a landfill site — so you save money!

How to separate your materials:

  • Strip your roof and place old shingles in the bin (nails are OK — we can remove them)
  • Flashing or wood (which we can recycle) can go on top of the load you bring to us.
  • Bag all your garbage and dispose of it at the same site.

PWI recycles the shingles for many uses, such as:

  • Added into asphalt in private projects as a replacement for virgin oil.
  • Used for dust suppression on gravel roads.
  • Used for creating driveways, walking paths, etc.

You may also rent a waste bin to contain your roof waste. Call us to determine the size that will best suit your needs, and we will drop off the bin to suit your schedule, carefully and accurately placing the receptacle without damage to your property or driveway. When you’re done, let us know and we come pick it up.