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Recycled Wood Mulch

Your path to a healthier, more beautiful yard!

Landscapers use woodchips to create pathways, enhance borders, beautify beds and yards as well as help with weed suppression and water retention. This eye-catching product, made at our CQA certified, licensed facility (the only one of its kind in Manitoba) is recycled from local materials and is 100% organic and free of metals and contaminants. It is mould resistant and available in rich tones of Natural, Red, Brown and Black, which we achieve using an organic dye. A typical application of 4-6 inches of mulch depth is recommended but consult your local landscaping company for more information.

Our Made-in-Manitoba wood mulch is available in bulk or pre-packaged 85L bags at our Winnipeg and Winkler locations. We will also deliver anywhere in the province for a fee.

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