No Appointment Needed to purchase bags or bulk compost. Bulk compost is loaded in your truck and/or trailer free of charge.


soilYour soil is the habitat that your plants grow in and poor soil conditions result in poor plant development. Compost in the right quantity improves the condition of your soil.

“It is nature’s natural fertilizer”

There are benefits of high organic percentages in soil. It is fantastic for improving:

  • The quality and moisture holding ability of your soil
  • Oxygen supply to the roots of the plants
  • Essential nutrients for plant nutrition
  • Increases micro-biotic activity which creates a healthier soil

compostIt’s easy to improve sandy and clay soils to make them more like loam soil – the best soil for your garden. One of the simplest ways to do this is by adding compost nature’s fertilizer. Compost is best dug into your soil at planting time.

Once you have your compost, simply spread it over your soil area in a layer about 0.5cm thick, then mix or dig to a depth of about 3-4 inches. To protect your soil even more from moisture loss add some mulch to the surface.