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Lawn/Leaf Drop Off

 Your One Stop Drop Depot for your leaves, lawn, garden, shrub, and hedge waste!

We know that composting is an important and vital sustainable solution for reducing our waste and replenishing our gardens, trees and fields naturally. We offer drop-off of leaves, lawn and organic material at our Winkler location during office hours.  We accept all organic materials that can be composted (please ensure your drop-off is free of waste and branches).

What’s acceptable?

  • Lawn clippings, leaves, garden, shrub, hedge waste
  • Any branches smaller than finger width
  • Yard waste that is contamination free (no plastic bags or inorganic materials - rocks, stucco, concrete, bricks)
  • Kitchen scraps See Organics Recycling for what is compostable

See Locations & Hours for drop off for times of operation