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At Penner Waste we work with all of our customers on finding greener solutions to divert waste away from landfills. We offer Commercial and residential container services, recycling and compost options, custom grinding of wood, tree, and shingles. We are committed to our community and environment to genuinely make a difference, working towards a zero waste future.


It all started in 2001 when Jake worked at the Altona landfill. Jake saw materials being hauled in that could be recycled and used for other purposes. That’s when a spark ignited and he decided it was time for a change. Jake wanted to make a difference for the environment and our communities by helping to reduce the materials going to the landfill. Penner Waste started as a two-person operation, Jake did curbside pick-up for those needing it, and Barb worked in the office. They moved their small business to Winkler where things took off and the adventure to help make a difference began.


PWI has proudly grown from a small home business to a fully licensed construction demolition and compost facility with a (MRF) Material Recycling facility, giving materials a full life cycle. Creating and supplying Recycled product that are shipped all over Manitoba and can be purchased by anyone. Penner Waste provides environmental hauling services and solutions to all of southern Manitoba.

With a 30 acre facility, growing family of staff and new fleet of vehicles, we continue to set ourselves apart from other haulers by maintaining excellent relationships with our customers providing greener options with education and great value.

As we step into the future, we are 100% committed to continuing our mission to reduce our (and our customers’) carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the community and the environment.